Reframing flips you from low to high performance.

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  • Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School points out the following[1]:
    • Although an overwhelming majority of individuals are convinced that calming down is the best method to deal with pre-performance anxiety, studies involving public speaking, math performance, and karaoke singing propose the alternative strategy of reappraising anxiety as excitement.
    • Compared to those attempting ‘calm down’, individuals who reframe their arousal of anxiety as excitement actually perform much better.
    • This reframing which involves a reappraisal of anxiety can be done employing the following strategies:
      • Using self-talk (ex- simply saying “I am excited” etc)
      • Utilizing simple messages (ex- “get excited”)
    • Additionally, such reappraisals would do the following:
      • Engender the feeling of excitement
      • Reframe threats as opportunities
      • Result in subsequent enhanced performance
    • The findings of the studies imply the centrality of arousal congruency during the reframing process.

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