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We perceive soreness in our muscles when they are growing after a workout. Work, as an ideal or virtue, has three components: order, intensity, constancy.[1]

Key Claims

  • The ideals of work are how we materialize any ideal.
  • The materialized ideal is called a virtue.
  • Virtues are ways of describing mastery.
  • Virtues are formed with an image of the kalon used as basis for strategy.

Q&A Claims

  • Mindfulness means deliberately attending to a present sensation.
  • Mindfulness activates your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Parasympathetic activation can be seen in the respiratory sinus arrhythmia, in which your heart rate slows as you exhale and raises as you inhale in a sine-wave pattern.
  • Mindfulness is an act of the power of memory.
  • The object of memory, and therefore mindfulness, is being.
  • Hope perfects mindfulness by bringing the Eternal Being of God into present awareness.
  • Making the first step of a task as small and simple as possible reduces the perceived effort required to engage it.
  • Strategies for a task give you traction within a task.
  • Email causes over-activation of your default mode network.
  • Attention-deficit is not a character trait.
  • Attention-deficit is a state of training.
  • Attention-deficit is closely related to being in threat mode.
  • Dread puts your amygdala into an alert state.
  • The amygdala has three states of activation: quiet, alert, and alarmed.
  • Being distractible is a key feature of threat mode.
  • Being impulsive is a key feature of threat mode.
  • Having a negative processing bias is a key feature of staying in threat mode.


  1. Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book 10; especially St Thomas’s Commentary)