From OptimalScience

Key Claims

  • Sincerity is how love discovers the hidden opportunities for growth and service.
  • Sincerity is how love puts order into priorities by acknowledging duties.
  • Love regards the whole, while fear regards an aspect of a thing.
  • Love is disordered when a partial good is prioritized over the whole good.
  • Partial goods are partial images of success.
  • Partial goods are outcomes that are ultimately outside of a person’s control.
  • Partial goods lead to fear of failure to obtain.
  • All anxiety comes from prioritizing a partial good over which one has no control over the whole good, which one does have control over.
  • The pursuit of partial goods is always a response to self-concepts.
  • Partial goods are safety behaviors, meant to keep one safe (= happy) but unable to do so.
  • Pursuit of fulfillment through partial goods turns self-concepts into self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Sincerity necessary to uncover the pursuit of absolutized partial goods.
  • Pain of sincerity habituates over time.
  • Only those with a growth mindset can find delight in sincerity.
  • Love does away with counterfeit images of happiness because love itself is the image of fulfillment and happiness.
  • Love deals with the whole of life, ordering everything to love.
  • Love intensifies when it is itself properly ordered to objective duties.
  • With regard to those we love, we grow by serving them, and serve them by growing.
  • The best gift we can give others is the best version of ourselves.