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Service has three parts: sincerity, humility, and generosity.

Key Claims

  • The human body is capable of living off of two forms of fuel: glucose and ketones.
  • The brain performs better using ketones.
  • There are two basic motives for any action: fear and love.
  • Externalized challenges reflect a motive of fear.
  • Being overwhelmed is a proof of having externalized challenges.
  • Complaining (or dreading) is a proof of having externalized challenges.
  • Negativity always goes viral, both within a person’s experience and among people.
  • Motives of fear lead to the avoidance of growth.
  • Fear produces a negative processing bias.
  • Fear produces an inward collapsing of attention.
  • Fear produces an automatic response when the dreaded trigger occurs.
  • Fear begins as an automatic response, an emotion, and ends up becoming a motive as urged actions are repeated.
  • Love begins as a deliberate commitment, and later shapes the emotions.
  • Right feeling follows right acting.
  • Love sees everything as an opportunity.