Internalized challenges produce the energy we call motivation.

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  • Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi[1] points out that controlling one’s internal experience is the key to happiness. He defines happiness as a condition one should prepare for, cultivate and defend privately. Cziksentmihalyi lays out the following points as associated with internalizing challenge, or stretching one’s body and mind to the limit in a voluntary challenge to achieve a worthwhile or difficult task:
    • Focusing on realistic goals which match one’s skills with opportunities for action cultivates order in one’s consciousness.
    • Pursuing such goals leads to intrinsically rewarding activities that can be characterized as optimal experiences embodying exhilaration and deep enjoyment.
    • Concentrating one’s attention on the immediate task, in pursuing such goals, can allow one to temporarily forget other things.
    • Striving to become less sensitive to the punishment and the rewards of the social environment, by learning to find purpose and joy regardless of surrounding circumstances, produces more happiness.

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Ayesh Perera