From OptimalScience

Key Claims

  • Love sets priorities for each hour, each day, and the whole of life.
  • Love regards things in themselves, as they are actually existing.
  • Fear regards imaginary representations of things.
  • Attention guided by fear focuses on internal representations.
  • Attention guided by love focuses externally on the existence of others.
  • Love commits the whole of your task attention to the person at hand.
  • Love produces mindfulness of the presence of the one loved.
  • Love silences predictive attention.
  • Humility is the habit of love committing its attention to others.
  • Humility is self-forgetfulness.
  • Sign of humility is interior silence.
  • Pride is the self-concepts we have in our head, which distract us from others.
  • Narcissism is the total immersion of attention in oneself and the total externalizing of the need for growth onto others.
  • Heroic humility is the total immersion of attention in others and the total internalizing of the possibility of growth into oneself.
  • Narcissism produces shame.
  • Humility produces joy.
  • Humility sets the stage for generosity with others.