Adrenaline increases IQ, fluency of speech, connections to others, executive function.

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  • A study[1] that explores the relationships between cerebral blood flow and IQ gauged by ASL (Arterial Spin Labeling) in adolescents and children indicates the following:
    • A significant positive correlation, after adjusting for regional gray matter density, between IQ scores and cerebral blood flow in:
      • The anterior/subgenual cingulate cortex
      • The superior temporal region
      • The left insula region
      • The right orbitofrontal region
    • Substantial support for the Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory of intelligence.
    • The unique value of cerebral blood flow in evaluating brain-behavior relationships.
    • The ability of cerebral blood flow to delineate regions where IQ modulates cerebral blood flow.
      • Additionally, after adjusting for the impact of regional cortical volume, cerebral blood flow in the ACC/subgenual area shows the highest correlation with IQ.

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