Adrenaline can be experienced in high performance states, low performance states, and paralysis/freeze reaction.

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  • A study analyzing performance under acute stress during hand-to-hand combat experiences of soldiers, done by Peter R. Jensen (New Mexico State University) and Craig A. Wrisberg (University of Tennesse) indicate the following[1]:
    • The hand-to-hand combat experiences of these soldiers comprise stressors stemming from a variety of sources
    • Their combat experience demanded a speedy and accurate interpretation of surrounding conditions, and the swift strategizing coupled with focused action
    • The experience also produced powerful psychological and physiological reactions
  • It was also concluded that the following could enable better performance:
    • Expecting the unexpected in potentially dangerous yet seemingly routine operations
    • Building highly automated and problem focused fighting skills and coping methods
    • Training in unpredictable and variable environments requiring swift skill adaptations based on stressors unique to each context.

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